Welcome to our HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEY zine page. We decided to include this one because although many of us post our fiction on the net there are still a number of authors who do not have the facility to do so, and still publish their fiction in hard copy.

With one of us being an author who has been writing for over 30 years and has been published in various fandoms, it is our aim to continue to encourage such publications, for, as much as we love the immediate access our net gives us, we also love the good, old-fashioned zine!

Herein, therefore, you will find the works of several authors of our acquaintance who have been writing H:TLJ for a while but have not been as widely read as they deserved. Excerpts from their various stories are to be found on the links as detailed below. Having been privileged to read these pieces, and being very discerning judges of fiction (even if we do say so ourselves, one of us also having been an amateur critic for many years), we can assure you that, once you read these excerpts, you'll rush to buy the zines which contain them!

So, we hope you enjoy these short pieces - remember, they are JUST EXCERPTS, NOT FULL PIECES!!! - and if you would like to order the zines, please mail the snail mail addy or the email addy listed after each one. If you have any problems contacting the editors, you can email me


Issue 13: includes 'THE TIES THAT BIND' by Lorraine A. Scherrer

Hercules and Iolaus are caught up in one of Hera's plans to kill them. Chained within a ship, they are subjected to brutality and misery, with no hope of reprieve ....

"The sound of his friend's voice, more than the pronouncement of the sentence, brought Iolaus out of his self-imposed trance, but he heard the penalty. By the Gods, so many! He had no idea if he could survive the blows. Already his back and chest burned from the earlier beating and he felt giddy and light-headed. Sure signs of a fever. He was not afraid of death. Because of his association with Hercules, he'd always accepted the fact that he might die in some cause or another ... "

Issue 14: includes 'THE TIES THAT BIND: THE THREADS THAT WEAVE' by Lorraine A. Scherrer (sequel to 'THE TIES THAT BIND')

Our two heroes are on the trail of a vicious band of thugs who are attacking villages. However, as memories of their time aboard the ship continue to plague them, they are unaware that events are propelling them toward another encounter with someone they know very well from that time ...

"Watching his friend march in front of him, Hercules allowed a grimace to pas over his features. No amount of hinting or suggestions of counter activities had worked to persuade Iolaus to leave. He was determined to keep Hercules company. it had become very apparant these men were dangerous. Iolaus would not let even the Son of Zeus face them alone. That resolution made Hercules' knowledge even more of a burden. He wanted Iolaus far away when the bandits were finally caught ..."

Issue 15: includes further chapters of this story by Lorraine A. Scherrer

Iolaus refuses to stand by and allow the man he perceives as his saviour to die. Consequently, he condemns himself to a life even he had not envisioned ...

"A coracle was pulling away, already too far for even Hercules to jump. Huddled in the bilge at the bottom lay Iolaus, still bound. His clothes were even more torn. A thin trickle of blood flowed sluggishly from his scalp, smearing with the grime on his face. Several more fresh cuts and darkening bruises marked his face and arms. Most alarming was the red staining the once white bandages around his torso.


At the anguished cry, the blond looked up. His face mirrored Hercules' distress, the emotion directed at what the other was feeling. "I'm sorry." The mouthed words spunded in Jason's ears although he hadn't heard them ..."
It also includes 'REVENGE' by Cass.

When Iolaus disappears, Hercules mounts a full-scale search for his friend which proves fruitless until, several weeks later, news reaches him of his friend's whereabouts. He is ill-prepared, however, for what he finds when he reaches the blond warrior and totally unprepared for the consequences.

"Herc... " it was a thin, hollow sound, wrested from a throat long since rubbed raw by his own screams and uttered by a man who looked for all the world like an uncontrollable savage. The dichotomy was incredible. Iolaus watched the demigod shake his head in abject dismay and confusion, even as hot on the heels of the barely audible word came the question, 'Wasn't I trying to get away from Herc?' He could barely spare the time to ponder this as fire drove through him again. It didn't matter. Hercules could help him. He knew Hercules could help him. More, the demigod wanted to help. He didn't want to see his best friend in such torture. Iolaus uncurled slightly from the wall and reached out one hand to the tall figure before him, watching as confusion drained from the azure eyes to be replaced by a deep distress which cut through him as well, following the path already blazed by the fiery inferno within him. "Herc ... help me ..."


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ALSO AVAILABLE: ISSUE 18 (with 'Destroying Angel' - a 'Diagnosis Murder' story by Cass)

COMING SOON: ISSUE 19 (with 'Journey out of Darkness' - a 'Diagnosis Murder' story by Cass)


The Brand by Angela Field

When Iolaus is plagued by recurring nightmares, Hercules takes him to a Seer friend of his, unaware that doing so will cause the nightmares to come true

"Hercules was a second too late to reach the High Priest. He roared in rage as he saw Iolaus' body convulse and the High Priest lean almost lovingly against him, then he was up on the dias and plucking the man from his feet, hurling him at the statue without thinking ..."

The Flowers of Tartarus by Linda Chapple

Hercules is poisoned by one of Hera's creatures and this time there is no cure. That is what Iolaus believes, until Hermes arrives to tell him that there is indeed a cure ... deep in the bowels of Tartarus.

"Hercules sat bolt upright in bed and lunged at something only he could see. Mendalon and Alcmene dropped the scrolls the healer had brought in a hopeless attempt to find some kind of magic cure and threw themselves at him. The demi-god snarled silently and swept them away, his eyes still fixed on some unseen danger. He was screaming Iolaus' name over and over again, but his spurt of strength soon died away and the other two were able to manhandle him back on to the bed ..."

Spider's Mate by Angela Field

When Hercules hears tales of a monster preying on yet another village, he decides to do something about it. The matter becomes a little more personal when the monster snatches Iolaus, but even after the monster has been dealt with, the legacy of its existence lingers on.

"As Iolaus fell, Hercules bolted forward through the smoke and dived, determined to get under his friend. Somehow, he managed to get both his arms under the blond, breaking his fall as the warrior thumped into his chest. Hercules rolled with the impact, cushioning Iolaus against him. He waited only long enough to get a dazed response out of his friend, before throwing him over his shoulder and running for the cave entrance..."

First Draft by Linda Chapple

When Hercules receives another instalment of his biography from Salmoneous, he invites Iolaus over to take a look at it ...

"Hercules' initial amusement was beginning to edge towards concern as he realised that Iolaus was getting a little short of breath. The blond had slipped to the floor and lay there, curled up on himself as he howled with mirth over the latest passage. He was definitely going to have to tell Salmoneous to tone down on some of the overblown rhetoric ..."


Here be Monsters by Angela Field

Our two intrepid heroes are called upon to save the day when they visit a small town for the wedding of a friend. There are monsters in them thar mountains!

"Iolaus ducked flat and nearly fell, but avoided getting snapped in two. Somehow, he managed to get a grip on the edge of the monster's carapace between the shell and what passed for its neck, securing himself as the monster did its best to twist inside its shell to get at him..."

The Clutch by Linda Chapple

Iolaus is abducted by a harpy whilst accompanying Alcmene to the summer home of a king grateful to the two heroes. His problems are compounded by the discovery that the harpy is a nesting mother with VERY hungry chicks.

".. Everything seemed to be swimming around him, though and, for a moment, Iolaus wondered if he was still in the pond, looking at everything through a haze of water. He managed to get to his feet and stood, swaying, for a couple of seconds. Then everything caught up with him at the same moment and he went crashing back down to lie in an oblivious huddle in the open ..."

Shadow of Fear by Angela Field

When Iolaus' old enemy, Pericles, comes to Hercules seeking help, Iolaus insists on going with them to watch his friend's back when he should be watching his own.

"Hercules, edging down the down slope of the bridge, saw Iolaus disappear apparently into the very jaws of the monster and let out a scream of his own. As the snake convulsed and threw its head up, Hercules threw his sword point first. He had time to see the gaping rent Iolaus' sword had made in the soft skin of the snake's throat as he dived under it ..."


Sales Pitch by Linda Chapple

Salmoneous tries to sell a few ... artefacts with a sales pitch all his own ...

"Size is relative, as a certain blond hunter of my acqaintance would be only too happy to inform you ..."

What I did on my Vacation by Angela Field

What looks like a nice vacation for Hercules and Iolaus turns into a battle for survival as mercenaries attack the fort in which they and a few hundred other innocent people are staying ...

"With a tremendous crash, a gap appeared in the wall several feet away from the main doors and through the smoke loomed a tall, flame shadowed figure. The ragged cheers that went up from the fire-fighters silenced Charys and Salmoneous and they stopped glaring at each other to look round as Hercules staggered from the burning stables with Iolaus lying limp in his arms..."

Stalk Like an Egyptian by Angela Field

A Mummy wants Iolaus and Hercules, with the help and the hindrance of Salmoneous, try to stop it.

"Iolaus wasn't sure what happened next. He heard what he thought was Hercules bellow his name then the mummy lurched suddenly as something hit it from behind. It dropped the hunter and Iolaus sprawled, his entire body feeling as limp as if he had run from Athens to Sparta as he passed out ..."

Scene from Above by Angela Field

Iolaus takes a bath - unaware that he is being observed by several deities who are taking great delight in his mortal form ...

"Sinking down to shoulder level in the hot water, Iolaus eyed the ceiling curiously. Maybe it was the steam causing odd reflections, but it looked very strange. Almost as if the whole room was underwater. Still, as long as it didn't fall in, he was enjoying himself too much to care. Singing happily to himself, he started to soap his shoulders ..."

THE GATES OF DEATH by Angela Field

Thanatos, banished by the gods for eons, needs a sacrifice in order to re-enter the world. Iolaus is chosen. It is up to Hercules, Jason and Iolaus himself to prevent Thanatos from being victorious in his quest, but how successful can they be when Iolaus is already injured, has been poisoned and starts to go blind ...?

"Holding Iolaus clamped against him, Hercules thrust out one powerful arm and fended off the tree, staggering back into the deeper water as its momentum thrust him backwards. He went to one knee and for a moment the water surged up and over both men, half drowning them. Somehow, Hercules surged upright, yelping as the tree scraped his back and sent him staggering. Then the tree was past and Hercules lurched towards the bank, wading through the waist deep water. Jason and Crokus waded into the shallows to meet him, taking the barely conscious Iolaus from his arms and carrying him to the safety of dry land ..."

LOOSE ARROWS by Linda Chapple

Hermes has been in love with and futilely chased after Iolaus for many years. But even he has diffi culty in believing it when the hunter suddenly reciprocates his feelings. It's all the fault of Malice and some rather special arrows stolen from Cupid Mix in Hercules, Eros and a rather peeved Aphrodite, and you will understand why a certain hotel chain never want Salmoneous and his little band to stay there again. Confused? That's nothing to how poor Herc feels ..!!

"Hercules skidded to a halt so fast that he practically fell off the chariot. Frustrated, he glared at the herald-god but to his relief, Iolaus chose that moment to bound out of the bedroom. He was wearing nothing but a towel and a wide smile, his hair still damp from the water he had washed himself in and Hercules could practically feel Hermes go white-hot with desire in an instant. Judging from the expression on Iolaus' face, he had done this deliberately ..."

'You're Hercules?', 'You're Iolaus?', 'You're Salmoneous?', 'Gates of Death' and 'Loose Arrows' are available from the following address:



Reflections of a Golden Kind by Cass

Convention by Chattan

A Life Worth Living by Cass

Queen of Witches by Chattan

Rescued by Cass

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