This is a western series I invented some years ago, with the help of several friends who provided me with episode titles, synopses and director names (and in some cases, guest stars).

It was an attempt to cast all my favourite people of the time in a western (always my favourite genre!) - and I think I succeeded! In casting them, I mean.

It first appeared in an issue of 'The couch potato' - a newsletter I ran with a couple of friends which was a 'TV discussion' newsletter. It was, of course, the 'April Fool's' issue - and we included 'Rushin' River' as an actual series!

That several people actually expressed a desire to see the series (which had 'only been transmitted in the USA' - ahem!) was an added bonus!

I printed a zine containing stories of 'Rushin' River' - including the story of how our hero and heroine came to be there and take up residence. It was a place of eccentrics and not a little mystery. For instance, the sheriff, 'Ward Marshall' was a man of scrupulous character and skill with a gun but no-one knew anything about his past ... had he always been a lawman or had he had some dealings with the other side of the law at some stage?

Then there was 'The Coyote Kid' - a young man who would do anything for anyone. Renowned for his swiftness and accuracy with a gun he had never killed anyone or anything and was a 'reluctant' gunfighter.

'Alias Smith and Jones' made several forays into 'Rushin' River' and having the chance to retype them on here will remove the worrying 'Mary Sue' quality they were in danger of veering into!

Over the next few weeks (as soon as I'm able to find the zine!), the stories will hopefully appear on here. I hope you enjoy them. They were fun to write. I still slip back into 'Rushin' River' mode every now and again just to recharge my creative juices!

Good readin'!!!


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